Nye Management, LC provides semi-annual training for all Resident Managers in Fair Housing and Tax Credit Compliance.


New employees are all instructed on the importance of Fair Housing. Depending on the previous training of the employee, we provide training at both the main office and the site project. A resident manager will not move anyone into a property without the Regional Director approving the file until the Regional Director determines that the Resident Manager is properly trained.


During the training at the main office the following topics are covered:


1) Fair Housing

2) Rent Roll

3) Rent Collection

4) Tenant Selection and screening criteria

5) LIHTC Compliance

6) RHS/HUD/MHDC compliance

7) Importance of preventative maintenance

8) Employee Handbook

9) Office Machines

10) Credit Reports

11) Importance of Inspections

12) General accounting practices

13) Income Verification and calculations

14) Documentation, Documentation !!!!!!!!!!!!!


A Regional Director will visit the site of a new manager at least weekly until determined that the manager is ready to qualify prospective tenants. A new employee usually takes a few weeks one on one training to get most of the information. We are also available anytime by phone. All items can be faxed and checked by office staff or we can go directly to the property if assistance is needed. If there is a question that we can not answer, we can always call Rural Development, MHDC or HUD.


The supervisory staff attend MOCARH, Fair Housing, Rural Housing, MHDC training when available. At least two members attend annual compliance training provided by our partners at AEP.


Resident Managers usually receive all their training from the Regional Directors during monthly visits to the property. This training depending on the need can be an hour to several hours. If the manager needs more training it will be provided on a person by person basis.


Mr. Nye must renew broker’s licenses every two years as does Mrs. Nye’s Realtor’s licenses. Either online or seminars and testing. Seminars are usually two to three days.


MHDC has also provided training at both the St. Louis office and the Kansas City office. Ms. Payne provided three of our office staff with training with compliance on-line. I also attended a private training regarding the RAP program for our property in St. Clair that receives MHDC subsidy.



Forrest D. Nye:


1) Maintains a Brokers Licenses

2) Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting

3) Minors in Economics and Business Admin.

4) Certified Manager of Housing



Peggy L. Nye:


1) Maintains a Realtors Licenses

2) Certified Tax Credit Compliance

3) LIHTC Tenant Management

4) Occupancy Requirements of HUD Multifamily Housing

5) Equal Housing/Affirmative Fair housing



Christine White:

1) Certified Tax Credit Compliance

2) Human Resources

3) Regional Director

4) LIHTC Tenant Management

5) Occupancy Requirements of HUD Multifamily Housing

6) Equal Housing/Affirmative Fair housing

7) HUD's Today EIV


Kelly Ketcherside:


1) CISCO Certification

2) Networking Certification

3) Microsoft Office Certification

4) Macromedia Dreamweaver Web Page Dev

5) LIHTC Tenant Management

6) Occupancy Requirements of HUD Multifamily Housing

7) HUD's Today EIV




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