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Nye Management was established in 1979 to provide the highest quality property management and Affordable Housing services to clients throughout the State of Missouri. Since then we have expanded to the surrounding states of Arkansas, Illinois and Kentucky.

Today Nye Management is a full-service property management company with over 25 years experience of apartment management and residential property management. We specialize in affordable housing, residential development, low-income housing tax credits and market housing. We have overseen the development, redevelopment and acquisition of over 30 properties. We currently own and or manage over 1200 units in Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois and Kentucky. Providing professional property management services for our own buildings and other partners. Our services include hiring and managing staff, collecting revenue, paying expenses and maintaining the physical facilities and grounds. We consistently maintain high occupancy with maximum rents.

We are in our 34th year of business, and we are very excited about our commitment to Affordable Housing. We never could have achieved this goal without the support and commitment of many people. In the beginning, we started with a few customers and employees that joined Nye because they had confidence in our ability and vision to provide quality service. They knew of our previous experience in the industry as well as our core philosophy: "to do whatever it takes to keep our clients happy." They were willing to give us a chance and many of those clients and our first employees are still with us today.

Property Management Corporate Office
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Doe Run, MO 63637
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